As Heaven Is Wide

Nothing that you say will release youNothing that you pray will forgive youNothing’s what your words mean to me Something that you did will destroy meSomething that you said will stay with meLong after you’re dead and gone If flesh could crawl my skin would fallFrom off my bones and run away from here As

Can’t Seem To Make You Mine

I can’t seem to make you mine,Kissin’ all around all the time,Flyin’ around like a bee,Hurtin’ everything you see. Tried everything I know, oh…To make you want to love me so, oh…The only thing you do, oh…Is try to put the hurt on me, oh… Can’t you see what you’re doin’ to me?You fill my

Begging Bone

You’re just like a dog with your begging boneYou’re always chasing psychos down those rabbit holesYou like them the best cause they are dangerousAnd they get off on you in your subservience What can I do to make a monkey out of you?I can’t keep you wild and loose, can’t lock you in your room.I

Butterfly Collector

So you finally got what you wantedYou’ve achieved your aim by making me walk in line When you just can’t get any higherYou’ve used your senses to suss out this week’s climber And the small fame that you’ve acquiredHas brought you into cult status but to me you’re still a collector There’s tarts and whores

Girl Don’t Come

Girl don’t comeIf it’s all been said and doneDon’t hang aroundLet them kick back off the groundLet them kick back off the ground Girl don’t comeHe’s got nothing left to loseBut that’s all rightThat could well change overnightHe’ll want to take that pretty headLay down in someone else’s bed Girl don’t comeGirl don’t comeGirl don’t


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