Gamma Ray


Now all you sinners this is the prophecythe revelation of your own destinyyou had a dream onceA dream that you have soldand now my brotherannihilation is foretold Will you remember ancient timeswhen we rode across the airwhen the day of judgement comes and when your world is gonna blowthrough your heart and take your soulin

Start Running

Mankind has found every treasure on earthIt stands to reason that we have got all we need.Comfort is now a condition of life,Without any sources our dream will fade away. To live a better way was our final aim-Did we ever try? Start running! The moment of reason will somebody appear,But then it’s too late

Send Me A Sign

Out of the darkhe came without a warningthe guarding lightI didn’t see… on a story tellers nighthe spoke his words of wisdomthe tales he told from far beyondthat no one understood He had the gift of prophecyhe wove a web of mysterya thousend lifes shone gracious in his eyes Send me a signfor too long

Gamma Ray (Edited Version)

The world’s desperated with irony, hunger and corruptionThe eastern world and the africans, tooAre going to repeat the history of all warsAnd our industry supplied them with armsEverybody knows but nobody can do anything against itThe fall of society is on the make Well sometimes, sometimes I try to draw up a listI try to

Hold Your Ground

Come to plague me, rape and take meFreeze me up, freeze me up.Politician, inquisition freeze ’em up,Freeze ’em up, freeze ’em up. They’re closing in, the iron round,They hold the snare in hand,To strangulate your way to live,The norm always wins in the end. Hold your ground, or tomorrow it will be taken.Hold your ground,


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