Cyndi Lauper

Broken Glass

Ever since I could understandmy mother said to me"don’t you ever let a man hit you,don’t you grow up like me"so I swore I’d never be like heror my grandmother tooeven if it meant I’d be aloneeven if it meant I’d be alone ‘Cause she looked‘Cause she looked like broken glasswhen she fell to the

Boy Blue

You never knew yourself well enoughBut she never knew you at allAnd when she put you out on your ownIt may have stolen your innocenceBut not your soul Tell me where is little boy blueYou’ll find him standing alwaysOne step aheadFast a little, shy a little, boy blueWise blood runs warms and deepOn the street…

Brimstone And Fire

Brimstone and fireBrimstone and fireBrimstone and fire I met a woman at the laundry matshe left her sock in my dryerI met a woman in a yellow capit said brimstone and fire I said is this luck? with just a glanceshe smiled, and I thought, is this a sign?from above or below?.. oh now.. Brimstone

Ballad Of Cleo & Joe

Every morning the clock kicks off the beat.Little Joe struggles just to get up on his feet.Waits in his platforms for the right train to come.Sipping his coffee another day has begun Little Joe got work for minimum wageTries to get through another dead beat dayAt five a clock he comes home to changetakes him

Sisters Of Avalon

Felt someone calling me into the howling of the wind. I heard the reflection of a sound echoing through my skin…and a distant drum rumbling under ground gently guides me on…through my wild heart… whispering to methe Sisters of Avalon… Sisters of Avalon… Sisters of Avalon… Sisters of Avalon She is awakening in dark swells


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