as I recall when my stomach turned and I was hiding away from myself away from you like nothing but something was terribly wrong and I admit that I was only waiting for the right time (right time) right moment for you to look away though you never did I pretended for a while so

She Shut Your Eyes

She shut your eyesNow you could say better luck next timeBut I know you’re about to dieHow deep can you drill into a man’s soulStill say better luck next timeWhen the only thing to fill it with is a lie So say what you want But drops of crystal clear water Has been falling into


The world you painted was new The colors were so alive Took a lie and made it true A final touch and then right into the painting you dive It’s ok if you break You’ll see colors again This is more than you can take You’ll see colors again It’s your life that’s at stake


They won’t see The fire you have lit inside of meThey look up to the stars And wonder where you might beThey look up without realizingThat they’re standing right there in the palm of your handI can’t explain or understandI just love You It’s common knowledgeThat you’ve been dead for a whileIt’s well known that


Fast lane, sane, insane this world is running And I’m walking with a cane Seek, seek you can be uniqueBut whatever you do don’t let your inside outBut I’ve got to take a leak And I know You’re aliveAnd you know I will always try I could never care less about What this world has


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