Backstreet Boys

Boys Will Be Boys

Ooh (2x)Boys will be boys (2x) You’ve got somethingSo incredible in my eyesMy heart starts pumpinWhenever you’re aroundMy whole world’s upside downBaby But I try to get closerAnd you always push me awayYou tell me it’s much too soonBut I just can’t help itI always gotta make a play Chorus:Ooh (2x)Boys will be boys(Hey)Ooh (2x)BabyBoys

Can’t Stop Thinkin’ About You

Oooooh oooh ohhh oooh ooooh ohh ohhOhhh ohhh oooh ohhh… You’re in my mindAll the timeMy thoughtsAre always of youThere are so many thingsThat we promised each otherThat we would do But since you went awayMy heart has been in so much painIt seems that everything we’ve been throughHas been in vain And I can’t

By My Side

Tonight I saw the glimpse of yourSmile fade my ownReflection all your lookSo beautifully A tear went down my faceAnd all my memories eraseOh why do you have to leave my side Oh why do all the rivers flowinto the oceanAnd why does all the love in the worldcomes from the heartAnd why does all

Just To Be Close To You

This is for the loversStrictly for the loversYeahYou got someone you wanna get close toThen get close to this Ooh (2x)Just to be close to ya Like a flower to a treeThat’s how close I want to beTo your heart(Baby to your heart, heart)Like the stars to the nightAnd daytime is to lightWe’ll never part(We’ll

No One Else Comes Close

When we turn out the lightsThe two of us alone togetherSomething’s just not rightBut girl you know that I would neverEver let another’s touch, come betweenthe two of us ‘Cause no one else will ever take your place CHORUSNo one else comes close to youNo one makes me feel the way you doYou’re so special


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