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Bills, Bills, Bills (Maurice’s Xclusive Livegig Mi

[Beyonce:]At first we started out real coolTaking me places I ain’t never beenBut now, you’re getting comfortableAin’t doing those things you did no moreYou’re slowly making me pay for thingsYour money should be handling And now you ask to use my car (car)Drive it all day and don’t fill up the tankAnd you have the

Bootylicious (Rockwilder Remix)

Kelly, can you handle this?Michelle, can you handle this?Beyonce, can you handle this?I don’t think they can handle thisMy boy roc, can you handle this?My girl missy, can you handle this?DC, can you handle this?My ghettos you cant handle [Kelly]Barely move, we’ve arrivedLookin sexy, lookin flyBaddest chick, chick insideDJ, jam tonightSpotted me a tender thangThere

So Good (Maurice's Soul Mix)

[a lot of people talking] [Beyonce]I know that you hating me,But I’m, yeah ih yeah Hey how ya doin’, yeah I’m doin’ mighty fineLast time I seen ya, it’s been a long timeStop smilin’ at me, get that look off your facePlease don’t even front, stop bein’ so fakeI know you do not like me

Bug A Boo (Refugee Camp Remix)

[Wyclef:](Everybody on the floor)East Side(Everybody on the floor)South Side(Everybody on the floor)North Side(Everybody on the floor)West Side(Everybody on the floor) [Beyonce:]We told you we was gonna give it to you raw(Everybody on the floor)We ain’t do it right the first time(Everybody on the floor)We gonna do it right the second time(Everybody on the floor) You

Nasty Girl (Maurice's Nu Soul Remix Radio Edit)

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