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My Head's in Mississippi

I’m shufflin’ thru the Texas sand,but my head’s in Mississippi.I’m shufflin’ thru the Texas sand,but my head’s in Mississippi.The blues has got a hold of me.I believe I’m gettin’ dizzy. (Spoken: Help me now.) I keep thinkin’ ’bout that night in Memphis,Lord, I thought I was in Heaven.I keep thinkin’ ’bout that night in Memphis,I

Burger Man

My charcoal’s getting red hot,put your order in my hand.Won’t you let me show you what I gotsizzlin in the pan. Any way you want it baby,I am your burger man. If you need good hot grillin’,try my burger stand.If you need a slice of thrillin’,I’m the baddest in the land. Any way you want

Decision or Collision

She’s so fine, makes me lose my mind,I wish to apply my manhood.I’ll be glad to go to her pad andMaybe the whole band could. I got to make a decisionTo avoid a collision. She’s so tuff, my knee’s a little roughFrom crawlin’ on across her floor.If she’d place an order I’d drink her bath

Tell It

I gotta find out what’s in my mind,I’m a little mixed up but it feels so fine.Why does love have to come and go, If it’s got to leave why does it go so slow? Just tell it…Tell it like it is.Tell it..Tell it like it feels.Tell it to my baby. I have a feelin’


It must have been the way that she kissed me,made me as weak as a lamb. Tastes so fine like french silk pie,sweet as strawberry jam.It could have been the thing that she told me,when she threw her wrench at my monkey. Shoulda been a cool scene,Like honey on a ripped queen.I thought it was


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