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Watching the time goAnd feeling belief growRise above the obstaclesPeople beseech meBut they’ll never teach meThings that I already know (I know) Dreams that have shatteredMay not have matteredTake another point of viewDoubts will arise, thoughLike chasing a rainbowI can tell a thing or two (That’s true) You’ve got to believe in yourselfOr no one

Bark At The Moon

Screams break the silenceWaking from the dead of nightVengence is boilingHe’s returned to kill the lightThen when he’s found who he’s looking forListen in awe and you’ll hear him Bark at the moonHa ha ha ha ha… Years spent in tormentBuried in a nameless graveNow he has risenMiracles would have to saveThose that the beast

Now You See It (Now You Don’t)

Overbearing woman makin’ it so hard for meNow you’ve laid it down for all to see, yeahCan I ask a question, d’ya think that you can take a blowThis is why I always come and go, yeah Now you see it, now you don’t, yeahCareful of words that get caught in your throatFace the music,

That I Never Had

All these tears I cryDon’t you wonder whyIs it all a dreamNever what it seems Gets under my skinShould I let you inDon’t you think it’s badTo give me something that I never had Every word I sayEverytime I prayLook into my eyesDistant voices cryIs there light in meTell me what you seeYou are what

So Tired

Time has come to say goodbyeI know it’s gonna make you cryBut you belong to another my loveAnd half a love, that just isn’t enough I am so tired (so tired)And I just can’t wait around for youI am so tired (so tired)And I always thought we’d see it through, yeah I’ve waited all this


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