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He Can’t Love You

He may take you to shows ev’ry night Fill your head with promise and music delightAnd shower you with kisses of sweet ecstasy But he’ll never need you He may fly you for weekends awayGet your kicks in Paris and drive to CalaisLife is so romantic , you’re feeling alive He’ll only leave you Living

How Old Are You

Driving my car , we stop for awhileIt’s getting so late and you’re sending me wild I know that it’s madness but ohhhhI’m scared , oh so scaredTaking my hand , try to settle down We won’t say a word till it’s overAnd your eyes are so inviting I know that if we stay I’ll

In And Out Of Love

Out in the world ,lost in the nightBroken inside , the dream’s out of sight Running in circles, hot city streetsYoung girl, you came and you make me believe it I’m just a victim of emotion A storm within an ocean of heartache and wonderland Yesterday’s gone and whatever happens now I found you ,

Don't Stop The Night

Here is today , I’m feelin’ blueIt’s Saturday night , I’m waiting for youYou said you’d come ’round at eight-thirtyfourWith some other guy , you pass by my doorI thought you were good , I felt you were realA special kind of girl So I walk down the street , into the town I’m followin’


Hey there woman , I came to Californiato find a dream , I found you girl Hey there baby , you pointed my directionwith tender love ,changed my worldI’ve been reachin’ for love so longI’ve just a holiday , yeah , to have you hereI’ve been running down avenuesso filled with solitude and restless fears


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