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No One Else

You’re the movie star of my innerspaceCome to town awhile, bring your quite placeShow me how it’s done with a wave of your handI’m destroyed and recreated No one elseCan make me cryLike you, you, love You’re the only one who did everything rightCome to play with me, come to change my mindSleepy valium, low

In Another Life

Hold on tight to what you believe inHold on to whatever you need, o yeahStep inside the sweet illusionOf another life Where it’s enought to be well meaningAnd if you crash your plane you can try it again, o yeahWell this time while you’re believingIn another lifeToo late I’m done waitingI won’t be thereIn another

I'll Feel For You

If you’re afraid to cryThough you could use it once in awhileNothing will cloud your eyesYou’ve been through one of those timesWhen nothing’s real or getting throughAnd it seems like you’ve forgotten how to feelCall meI’ll FeelFor youAnd some days you’ll feel for me too If you’re afraid to smileThough you could use it just


You’re deliciousWhen you call meI’ve got nothing left to wait forYou’re delicious when you see meI’ve got nothing left to pray for Woo-hoo, woo-hooYeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah You’re deliciousCome and feed meI’ve got nothing left to cry forYou’re deliciousOh you sweet thingYou’ve got something I should open wide for I would give


I went to see temptation yesterdayIn a four-plex out on the old high driveCuz something in my life was run awayOr maybe to prove that I am still aliveTemptation lives alone and she works all daySo I waited after five on her front porchShe arrived, parked her car, then she walked my wayShe smiled to


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