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Watching the time goAnd feeling belief growRise above the obstaclesPeople beseech meBut they’ll never teach meThings that I already know (I know) Dreams that have shatteredMay not have matteredTake another point of viewDoubts will arise, thoughLike chasing a rainbowI can tell a thing or two (That’s true) You’ve got to believe in yourselfOr no one


Now I’ll find peace of mindFinally found a way of thinkingTried the rest, found the bestStormy day won’t find me sinking I can’t conceal it like I knew I did beforeI got to tell you now, the ship is readyWaiting on the shore Dare to look, face the testOn the eve when you set sailingWhat

Flying High Again

Oh no, oh noHere we go nowOh no, oh nowHere we go now Got a crazy feeling I don’t understand‘Gotta get away from hereFeelin’ like I should have kept my feet on the groundWaitin’ for the sun to appear Mamma’s gonna worryI’ve been a bad, bad boyNo use sayin’ sorryIt’s something that I enjoy ‘Cause

Diary Of A Madman

Screaming at the windowWatch me die another dayHopeless situationEndless price I have to pay Sanity now it’s beyond meThere’s no choice Diary of a madmanWalk the line again todayEntries of confusionDear diary, I’m here to stay Manic depression befriends meHear his voiceSanity now it’s beyond meThere’s no choice A sickened mind and spiritThe mirror tells

Over The Mountain

Over the mountain, take me across the skySomething in my vision, something deep insideWhere did I wander, where d’ya think I wandered toI’ve seen life’s magic astral plane I travel through I heard them tell me that this land of dreams was nowI told them I had ridden shooting starsAnd said I’d show them how


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