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Wheel has properties

Diamond wheels have the following basic properties:
(1) has sufficient stability and rigidity;
(2) No vibration is generated to avoid the cutting edge being broken;
(3) The spindle has sufficient power;
(4) The grinding force can be adjusted;
(5) aluminum flat cutting disc with special performance;
(6) There is sufficient coolant supply.
Some equipments are also equipped with spindle shifting, automatic grinding of the grinding wheel, tool microscope and automatic tool nose radius processing. Grinding is essentially a process in which a large number of abrasive particles randomly distributed on the surface of the grinding wheel are cut. Due to the extremely high hardness and wear resistance of superhard materials such as diamond and cubic boron nitride, the grinding mechanism is largely different from that of general metal materials. The system studies the loss mechanism of diamond grinding wheel in the process of grinding superhard materials, which has guiding significance for the rational selection and use of diamond grinding wheel.
Determining the life of a diamond wheel

1. Generally, it is carried out according to various phenomena generated after the wear surface of the flat cutting disc on sale is worn. The grinding phenomena caused by the wear of the grinding wheel are mainly:
2. The self-excited vibration is generated during the grinding process, and the regenerated vibration pattern appears on the surface of the workpiece; 3. The increase of grinding noise;
4. Grinding burns on the surface of the workpiece;
5. The grinding force increases or decreases sharply;
6, the grinding accuracy is reduced;
7. Grinding surface roughness increases.

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