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What is the difference between suspended assembled floor and wooden floor?

The suspension assembled sports floor is the detachable elastic knight sport flooring on the market. It is a very advanced and innovative sports ground paving material. Like the wooden floor, it is very popular among people in various sports fields and home decoration. Since it is the floor that the public likes, there will be some confusion in the selection. What are the advantages of the suspended assembly sports floor and the wooden floor? Let’s explain it in detail.

1. Insect prevention: sc-zsfloor suspension assembling floor is mainly made of modified PP (polypropylene) as raw material. The material is imported from abroad without any pest control. The wooden floor has higher requirements for pest control, such as no pest control or pest control. If it is not done well, the mites can easily destroy the internal structure of the wood flooring itself.

2. Maintenance: sc-zsfloor suspension assembling special materials and construction of the floor, the longest time, maximum acceptance of sports and load, and will not affect the sports performance and maintenance function; the wooden floor needs to be restored and maintained after a period of use, otherwise it will Affects its internal physical structure and produces deformation.

3. Moisture-proof requirements: sc-zsfloor suspension assembling sports floor does not require any moisture-proof measures; wooden floor is also very high in moisture-proof requirements, and the moisture-proof process is complicated. If it is not done with moisture-proof treatment or moisture-proof treatment, the wooden floor will be produced after the tide. Deformation, leading to walking and so on.

4. Environmental protection: suspension assembled sports floor colorless and odorless, low noise (noise reduction coefficient ASTM C 423 5-10%); wood flooring in the process of processing additives, equipment in the process of adhesives, floor paint, etc.! These will have different degrees of gas volatilization, and there are harmful volatile substances such as formaldehyde and benzene.

5. Construction: The construction technology of suspended assembled floor is mature and simple, and the construction time is short. A standard basketball court can be completed within 4 days. The wooden floor construction process is complex, requiring protection measures such as moisture, insect and fire prevention, and partial wooden floor. The need to build the keel is time consuming and labor intensive.

6. Cost Maintenance: The outdoor soft elastic flooring for kindergarten interlocking is a one-time investment, and no investment is required after the use. The price of a good imported wooden floor is higher than that of the assembled floor. In the later stage, it is also necessary to clean, polish, wax, etc., and if necessary, redo the “three defenses”, and the investment is relatively large.

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