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What are the new floor materials?

Plastic flooring is another name for PVC flooring. The main component is PVC material, interlock detachable elastic flat PP mat sport flooring can be made into two kinds, one is homogenous and translucent, that is, the pattern material from bottom to surface is the same. There is also a composite type, that is, the uppermost layer is a pure PVC transparent layer, and a printed layer and a foamed layer are added below.

Plastic PVC sports special floor, good shock absorption, excellent shock absorption, good elasticity, anti-fouling, easy maintenance and long service life. It can protect athletes from harm more effectively. Mainly used in: indoor professional basketball court, volleyball court, table tennis court, gym and so on.

The detachable indoor sport surface is divided into a conductive floor R ≤ 106 ohms according to the requirements of the resistance value of the place of use; the antistatic floor 106 ohm ≤ R ≤ 108 ohms. The electrostatic floor can effectively prevent and reduce the damage of static electricity to high-precision electronic equipment, and also reduce the accumulation of dust in the environment. Suitable for installation in clean rooms, electronics workshops, hospital special areas and operating rooms, as well as computer rooms.
PVC floor is made of high-molecular-weight polyvinyl chloride as the main material, with good decorative effect, wear-resistant and anti-use, clean and hygienic. Mainly used in: education, medical, office, airport, shopping malls and other fields.

Linseed oil flooring is a pure natural ground elastic material formed by mixing linseed oil, rosin, softwood powder, dye and stone powder. It is the world’s most environmentally friendly floor in addition to unpainted wood flooring. Mainly used in: education, medical, office, airport, shopping malls and other fields.
The rubber floor is produced by high temperature vulcanization. The structure and performance of the rubber floor are stable, and it has the advantages of no deformation, anti-smoking head and super wear resistance. Mainly used in: education, medical, office, airport, shopping malls and other fields.
Note: We say that the “plastic floor” we usually refer to mainly refers to the detachable synthetic indoor tennis court used indoors. Different people have different understandings. The main ones are:

◆ Think that “plastic floor” means PVC floor covering sheets and coils;
◆ Think that “plastic floor” is a plastic sports floor;
◆ Think that “plastic floor” is PVC coil floor
◆ Think that “plastic floor” is a combination of PVC floor, linen floor and rubber floor.

It should be said that the concept is rather vague. In fact, the name “plastic floor” is not standardized. The formal name should be “PVC floor”. As long as the floor made of polyvinyl chloride material is “PVC floor”. Everyone has a lot of names for “PVC flooring”, such as plastic flooring, PVC plastic flooring, PVC sports flooring, rubber flooring, plastic flooring, floor leather, floor rubber, stone plastic flooring, stone plastic floor tiles, etc.

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