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What are the factors in the price of suspended assembled flooring?

The price factor of suspended assembled floor covers many aspects. As a sports floor board, the suspended floor can not be separated from the basic price of goods. Marx said that “value determines the price, and the price fluctuates according to the value” is actually the value, price, supply and demand relationship. Relationships affect each other. We are not here to talk about the big and deep and difficult to understand, but to analyze the price components of the prefabricated elastic flat wood look indoor sport flooring from the perspective of the most important and understandable commodity.


There are many factors in determining the final price of a suspended floor, such as manufacturing raw material cost, R&D design cost, mold cost, production facility cost, labor cost, freight transportation cost, construction and installation cost, and even tax cost, promotion of competition cost, supply and demand situation cost, etc. And many other factors.
In our country, the folks have a classic saying that the price is worth the price. This is from the value of the product itself. We will analyze the price of the suspended assembled floor from the value of the product today, let us easily distinguish the market. Why is the suspended floor on the floor from low to tens of, up to a hundred, or even more than two or three hundred dollars (one square price), what is the reason for the final decision on the price of suspended assembled floor? How do customers who are ready to purchase suspended floor paving their own sports venues choose a suspended floor with the right quality and good quality? Let us compare and analyze from a few more intuitive perspectives!


1. Analysis of manufacturing raw material cost: The raw material for assembling the prefabricated futsal court is made of high-grade raw material PP polypropylene. The production requirements are original particles that meet the food grade standard, instead of using recycled materials containing a large amount of impurities. The color is bright, no impurities and no smell, this is the level of green environmental protection. The color of the second-hand material is yellow and dark, and if the unscrupulous manufacturer uses the second-hand material to reduce the cost, it is the inferior suspension assembled floor. This kind of behavior has gone to the old road of inferior plastic track. The color of the assembled floor produced by this kind of recycled material is dim, but the cost is much lower, so the price is cheaper, but the life of the product is much shorter, sc-zsfloor suspension The assembled floor is all produced by one-handed materials. The color of the high-quality suspended floor is odorless, but the cost is high. For the customer, the cost of the first-hand material is high, but the quality of the product comes up, and the service life of the floor is long. It seems that the calculation is more economical. The cost of raw materials and the cost of color, such as the color pink mother, etc., the good color pink mother color retention time is longer.


2, design and development cost analysis: We know that the cost of research and development and design of a product is quite high, the price of Apple mobile phone is too high, but we can not ignore the number of Apple and the powerful R & D team, this cost is intangible Reflected in the cost of the product. The development and design of the same suspended assembly floor also requires a lot of capital investment. Often, we have to design a product of many styles, which has condensed the efforts of many designers. The product can not be successfully completed. The continuous improvement of the style and craftsmanship is precisely the good results achieved by many companies’ R&D investment. The design cost of the suspended assembly floor manufacturers may bring higher cost than the assembled floor that the small cottages imitate.


3, mold cost analysis: the mold of the prefabricated interlocking indoor tennis court belongs to Seiko production, his production requirements data is very accurate, can not have the slightest difference, and manufacturers who focus on the suspension of assembled floor production often invest a lot of money to create a lot of molds out, do Different styles are available for customers to choose. Compared with the larger factory grinding molds, the small molds are cheaper but the fineness of the production is difficult to guarantee. In order to ensure the fresh upgrade of the products and the cost control, it is often domestic. Several well-known mold manufacturers work closely together and share resources. The purpose of this is to compress related technologies and mold costs, so that each customer can use the cost-effective suspension assembly floor.

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