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What are the classification of diamond cutting blades?

What are the classifications of diamond cutting sheets: 1. Continuous edge saw blades: continuous sawtooth diamond fiber cutting disc Chinese supplier, generally made by sintering method, commonly used bronze binder as the base carcass material, water must be added during cutting to ensure the cutting effect, and the laser head is used. The type of slitting. 2, the cutter head cutting piece: the saw tooth is broken, the cutting speed is fast, suitable for dry and wet cutting methods. 3, turbine type durable cutting off wheel: combined with the advantages of the first two, two, the sawtooth continuously presents a turbine-like uniform convex and concave, which improves the cutting speed and increases the service life. Zhengzhou Lushan 150mm, 180mm, 350mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm diamond saw blade, Hengrui cobblestone saw blade, Hengrui concrete saw blade, diamond engraved sheet, diamond slotted piece, diamond Cut wall pieces, diamond cut pile pieces, Laoshan cobblestone saw blades, Laoshan concrete saw blades. Different materials use different types of diamond saw blades. Different powder formulations are suitable for different materials, which have a direct impact on the quality, effect, pass rate and cost and benefit of the material. Factors affecting the efficiency and life of the diamond circular saw blade are the sawing process parameters and the particle size, concentration, and bond hardness of the diamond. According to the cutting energy, there are saw blade line speed, sawing concentration and feed speed.

Processing range 1. Suitable for cutting of terrazzo marble. 2. Cutting of cement pavements, hard refractory materials and non-metallic materials. 3. Slotting on the road, bridge, and river channel. 4. The engraving of the pavement and bridge deck on the road. 5. Widely used in municipal construction, road reconstruction, airport runway construction, concrete pavement and other construction sites, especially suitable for professional cutting operations such as asphalt and concrete pavement cutting.

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