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What Are The Advantages Of Dragging China Home Elevators?

Advantages of traction home elevators:
Quiet and stable
The traction drive is quiet (although the elevators of different brands are a little different). The permanent magnet synchronous mainframe has no gearbox and there is no mechanical sound of gear friction. As long as the installation and debugging are in place, it runs very smoothly. The motor completely adjusts the speed by means of variable frequency transformer, which can bring out a perfect running speed curve.

Energy saving and environmental protection
The permanent magnet synchronous host does not need to add replacement oil regularly, so there is no possibility of oil leakage. The motor power is relatively small, only one kilowatt, which is very power-saving. One family installs a traction elevator, which generates a maximum of 20 electricity bills a month.
Relatively affordable price


Since the permanent magnet synchronous host is currently the development trend of the elevator industry, all major manufacturers are developing and producing traction elevators. At present, they have caused overcapacity and oversupply, so this price is more affordable than hydraulics (but it depends on What brand, the price difference of elevators of different brands is still very big)
Advantages of screw-type China Home Elevators

Saving floor area
The screw drive should be the most cost-effective home elevator product in China. There is no counterweight, no wire rope, no car wall, so the minimum installation space can only be installed with a screw-type home elevator with 1000X900mm.

Low civil engineering requirements
The screw type household elevator has a slow running speed, and because the mechanical structure has the advantages of safety, there is no need for a buffer, a speed limiter, etc., so there is no excavation of the elevator foundation pit, as long as the height of one decoration surface can be (50 mm) ), there is no need to specially make the load-bearing ring beam, as long as there is a wall to install, especially the top layer height, the minimum can be 2000 mm.

Flexible structure, stable and reliable
The screw type home elevator can easily open the door at right angles, open the door, open the door on 3 sides, does not affect the stability of the elevator without increasing the area of ??the well. The screw type household elevator has a simple structure, is not prone to failure, and has less wearing parts, and the customer saves the post-maintenance. Maintenance troubles, as for safety performance, the screw-type home elevator is said to never fall off the ladder. From its main structure, it is safe and reliable (mainly about imported screw elevator)

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