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Types of grinding heads and grinding wheels

The grinding head is a small-sized shank with a handle that is not the same as a sharp and durable cutting wheel. It is not a through-hole and is a ceramic bond. It is mainly used for special surface grinding such as inner circle, rounded corner, groove, curved surface and tapered surface; it is also used for grinding and polishing of wood carving, stone carving, jade carving and ceramics.

Grinding heads are used in electric grinders, hanging grinders, and hand drills. There are many types, including ceramic grinding heads, rubber grinding heads, diamond grinding heads, abrasive cloth grinding heads, and resin grinding wheel grinding heads.

The grinding head can be divided into: cylindrical grinding head, code 5301; spherical grinding head, code 5303; elliptical grinding head, code 5305; round head cone grinding head, code 5307; hemispherical grinding head, code 5302; Head, code 5304; 60 degree cone grinding head, code 5306; with handle grinding head (52) type, the size range is the same as the type without the handle grinding head (53).

Grinding head according to material: the same material as ordinary grinding wheel, ceramic grinding head: white corundum, brown corundum, single crystal corundum, microcrystalline corundum, chrome corundum; silicon carbide grinding head: black silicon carbide, green silicon carbide; rubber grinding head : Made of rubber bonding agent; abrasive cloth wheel grinding head: grinding head bonded around the metal handle with a 230*3*22 sharp cutting off wheel; diamond grinding head: a kind of super hard abrasive, made of super hard abrasive.

Generally, the manufacturing process of the grinding head is relatively simple. In addition to the production of large and medium-sized abrasive tools, many small factories and family workshops also produce grinding heads. Although the grinding head is small, it is also operated at high speed. When using the grinding head, it is also necessary to pay special attention to safety.

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