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Two different types of cutting blades


Toothed and round aluminum abrasive cutting disc are two different products, as the name suggests, one with serrations and one with rounded smooth cuts. What are the differences between the two in addition to the shape? The professional manufacturer of 14 inches cutting disc introduces the difference between toothed and round cutting discs.
1. The tooth-shaped cutting piece is sharp, the heat dissipation is good, the chip removal is smooth, and it is suitable for cutting relatively thick stone. The tooth shape needs to be different according to the specific material of the cutting material, the size of the raw material, the cutting equipment and the cutting parameters. The number of teeth of the saw blade, the tooth shape of the saw blade, and the precision of the saw tooth grinding, the grinding precision with the manual technology The content.
2, the circular cutting piece is suitable for the cutting material is relatively brittle, the thickness of the thin stone, the cut is more neat, the impact force is small. Dry circular cutting sheets are basically used to cut metal, such as steel bars. Use it to cool naturally after use. Wet means that it can be cooled by something like water.
4 reasons for the hardening phenomenon in the production of resin cutting sheets
Resin cutting sheet can add reinforcing fiber mesh and steel bar to the cutting piece, and has high strength characteristics, which is a tool with a large demand. Many people are familiar with its production process, but it is difficult to grasp it skillfully, especially the hardening phenomenon. It is reported that this phenomenon is mainly related to the following four points.
(1) The hardening temperature is low or too high;
(2) The time of the hardening curve is short: the temperature of the resin is the key, 100 ° C, 120 ° C is the key point;
(3) The furnace or the kiln is too urgent, and the temperature difference is too large;
(4) The problem of hardening the humid atmosphere of the hardened kiln.

The cutting sheets widely used in the market are 5 inch resin cutting disc for metal, which require extremely strong toughness and hardness in operation to ensure that they are not damaged. In order to improve quality and extend life, we tried to achieve the goal by adding plated abrasives.
In fact, the proper amount of plated abrasives in the binder in addition to its role in ordinary diamond abrasives, and a certain degree of protection for ordinary diamond abrasives. The plated abrasive has good bonding strength, heat resistance, pressure resistance and strong impact resistance, and is a good support point for the common ordinary diamond abrasives, thereby greatly reducing the ordinary diamond abrasive due to poor holding force and collision. The chance of falling off. However, it is still not practical to blindly refer to all foreign uses. By adding more than 20% of the plated TI and Ni diamond to the binder to replace the ordinary diamond abrasive, the life of the blade can be greatly improved without affecting the sharpness.

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