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The difference between laser crystal and ordinary optical crystal

(1) Optical uniformity of laser crystal – refractive index error reaches ± 2 * 10 (-6), while ordinary purchasing BIBO nonlinear crystal uniformity has a refractive index error of ± 2 * 10 (-4);
(2) the transmission loss at 1054 nm is less than 0.0015 cm (-1);
(3) The OH root and platinum content in the crystal are extremely low;

The cost of a erbium-doped laser crystal with a size of 500mm*300mm*50mm is not less than 20,000 yuan.
A laser crystal is a solid-state laser material based on a crystal. It is widely used in various types of solid-state lasers and is the main laser material for high-power and high-energy lasers. The main advantages of laser crystals compared to laser crystals are:

(1) Easy to prepare. By applying the process technology for preparing optical crystals and improving them, a highly transparent and purchase plano/spherical/aspherical/cylindrical CaF2 optics can be obtained, which is relatively easy to produce a large-sized work substrate material, and the large-volume and high-density activated particles are used for high power. And important advantages of high energy lasers.

(2) The matrix crystal is easily changed. The composition and properties of the matrix crystal vary widely, and the type and amount of the activator added are not limited, so it is easy to develop into a series of laser crystals having various characteristics.

(3) Easy molding processing. Using optical crystal thermoforming and cold working processes, laser crystals are easily formed into various shapes, such as rods, sheets, wires, etc., and are ground into high-precision optical surfaces to meet the needs of various device structure developments.

(4) Based on the characteristics of the custom infrared spherical/aspherical/cylindrical Silicon lenses , that is, short-range order and remote disorder, the structural defects in the crystal have little influence on the properties of the glass and are easy to eliminate, so it is easy to obtain a working substance with uniform properties on the isotropic and large volume. . Since the germanium crystal can generate laser light at room temperature, the temperature quenching effect is small, and the quantum efficiency of the optical pump absorption effect string and luminescence is currently the main laser crystal.

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