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Summary of grinding wheel grinding problems

The quality-tested products screened by the manufacturer can be called high performance cutting disc products. In the process of production, the quality of the grinding wheel is inevitably affected by various factors. Only the manufacturers check the layers before the products are sold. In order to sell high quality products that companies and consumers can rest assured。

1. Diagonal crack problem. The spring horn is selected, and the elastic force is inconsistent, so that the mold is biased and pressed to produce a diagonal pattern. The fine material grinding tool has a pressing speed too fast, the pressure maintaining time is short, and the mold matching gap is too large.Grinding wheel crack prevention measures: the plasticity of the mixing material is good, the forming tool does not exceed the specified wear standard, the template and the horn maintain a good flatness, the thickness of the horn should be the same, and the spring horn should have the same elastic force. The cutting piece should be operated according to the process;


2. The two ends of the grinding wheel are not parallel. Maintain the accuracy of the press press table and operate according to the process:

3, the surface is not flat. Tooling equipment maintenance is within the required abrasive accuracy range:

4. The hardness of the grinding wheel does not match the problem. The first item of the product must be inspected, in fact, each batch of random inspection .The number of embryos of related products is not less than 30%, and the weighing weight is often checked.

4. The hardness of the grinding wheel does not meet the standard problem. The manufacturer must check the first batch of products, and then randomly check each batch of 7″ cut off disc for stainless steel plate. To check the number of embryos of the relevant products is not less than 30%, but also to check the weighing frequently.

5, the bridge is not flat. Cooling needs to be uniform: the plane that is “warped” on the surface of the part is not called a bridge. This is caused by uneven cooling of the parts due to uneven cooling or unevenness of the padding of the furnace. More from thin grinding wheels and fine-grained thin products. The thin grinding wheel is too fast to cool and is extremely prone to waste:


6, foaming problem. According to the hardening curve of the product specification, the temperature hardening is controlled, and the batching process is strictly controlled; the temperature is too low or too low, and the temperature of the curing furnace is out of control. Mismatching of the bonding agent: the super-hard abrasive has a local surface convex deformation or the entire surface is expanded, and it has a resin luster, and some have a turtle-like crack. The heating rate is too fast or the temperature fluctuates greatly, which makes it easy to make the particle size fine, high hardness, and tissue. Tight parts are foaming.

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