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Should pay attention to the use of cutting disc

The main causes of normal wear of the thin flat cutting disc are chemical wear, mechanical wear and heat. The former is caused by the scoring action of hard spots in the workpiece material, and the latter is caused by diffusion, adhesion, corrosion and the like.
1, abrasive wear
At various cutting speeds, the tool has abrasive wear. At low speeds, other forms of wear are significant, and abrasive wear becomes a major cause of tool wear. It is generally believed that abrasive wear is directly proportional to the cutting path. Abrasive wear Mechanical wear caused by impurities in the workpiece material, hard spots such as carbides, nitrides, and tellurides in the material carcass.

2, bonding wear
During the cutting process, the bonding of the tool and the workpiece material is highly prone to sticking due to the conditions of high temperature, high pressure and fresh surface. When the relative motion continues, the bond point is broken by a large shear or tensile stress, generally occurring on the side of the workpiece material having a lower hardness. However, the tool tree material often has defects such as uneven organization, internal stress, micro-cracks, voids, and local soft spots. Therefore, the surface of the tool is often broken and taken away by the workpiece material to form a bondage defect. Adhesive damage occurs in various tool materials. Bonding is the bonding phenomenon caused when the cutting disc is connected to the workpiece material, which is also called cold welding.

Angle cutting disc use
Angle cutting disc use diamond resin grinding wheel use:
1. The angle cutting disc can be selected according to the product model. For the purpose of the angle-cutting disc, the cutting disc for stainless steel can be rotated at high speed during operation, and the metal or non-metal workpiece can be ground, grooved and cut.
The range of angled cutting discs is very single. However, according to the abrasive used, it can be divided into ordinary abrasives and natural grinding wheels; according to the shape, it can be divided into flat shape, oblique side, cylindrical shape, cup shape, dish shape and the like.
According to the binding agent can be divided into equal.
Angular cutting disc is a kind of nylon product with a wide range of economical and applicable applications. The secondary application range is decorative grain treatment, cleaning, metal polishing, deburring, common use for strap decoration, watch case, metal equipment, Stainless steel doors and windows, kitchen utensils disposal; golf clubs, ball heads; stainless steel pipe fittings; door handles and other metal parts polishing.

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