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Seven major issues in the decoration of the kindergarten

Kindergarten decoration as a children’s teacher’s public space is very different from our regular home decoration. Kindergarten decoration should not only take care of the children’s daily living course arrangement, but also pay attention to the environmental protection performance of the decoration materials. Only when they fully understand the kindergarten’s work and rest can they According to the actual situation, the kindergarten decoration should be carried out according to local conditions. If you want to know some relevant information about kindergarten decoration, then the small series of detachable grid unity sport flooring factory also collected a lot of relevant information, let everyone know about the kindergarten during the renovation process. Some precautions, how to choose a kindergarten decoration company will also be mentioned in the text, let’s take a look.
First, kindergarten decoration matters needing attention

1. For the dressing of the park ground, try to avoid the use of carpets, mainly because it is very easy to absorb the mites in the dust, which is very unfavorable for the health of the body and mind. In addition, it is not suitable to lay foam puzzles. These products contain a large amount of formaldehyde and benzene. PVC plastic floor materials can be used. Non-slip, environmentally friendly, durable, non-toxic, elastic and anti-fall.

2. The outdoor activity venues and playgrounds outside the park can be assembled with detachable multi-use basketball court mat. The colors are varied and the styles are varied. The colors are gorgeous and can be customized according to the decoration style of the park. After the rain, it does not stop water, shock absorption and non-slip, safe and environmentally friendly, and has a long service life.

3. It is well known that most of today’s paints contain lead, and the suspension of lead dust is usually within 0.8m from the ground, and this is exactly the height of the child. If children inhale such harmful substances, it will seriously affect them. Physical and mental health, so when decorating, we must strictly control the quality of materials and enhance ventilation.

4, in order to use more assured, after the dressing is completed, it is best to use the test instrument to predict the concentration of harmful substances in the environment, and reserve a certain amount of floating space, because even after the test is up to standard, after the teaching aids are placed, Will release some harmful substances.

5, when choosing the paint in the park, try to use water-based, although the price will be higher, but it is more reliable, and the color should not be too bright, the more vivid the heavy metal content, the easier after contact with the child Lead to lead and mercury poisoning.

6. When choosing teaching aids, try to use solid wood material. At the same time, the paint in the teaching aid is preferably water-based. In addition, you must check whether there is an environmental testing report.

7, the playground play area can use artificial turf, anti-UV. Durable. Free of manual maintenance.

Second, how to choose kindergarten decoration design company

1. When selecting, remember not to believe the content on the advertising paper easily, because these are created by professional planners and teams, so all kinds of publicity advertisements should be treated sensibly so that you can carefully choose the one that suits you. Decoration company.

2, in the selection must be selected professional and reliable enterprises, as well as some successful cases in the past, in order to obtain satisfactory service, so that the entire kindergarten decoration presents the best decorative effect.

Conclusion: The kindergarten decoration process is not so complicated. Understanding the relevant processes and precautions will make the whole process more convenient. After reading these materials, I believe that you have a better understanding of kindergarten decoration and how to choose detachable outdoor soft elastic flooring company. , sc-zsfloo company specializes in the production of kindergarten floor, kindergarten plastic assembled floor, to protect the children’s sports health.

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