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Self-leveling treatment determines the success or failure of sports floor construction

Self-leveling of sports flooring is necessary, but for various reasons, this problem is often overlooked by the owner, the general contractor or even the construction personnel. Some owners and general contractors are unwilling to carry out self-leveling construction in order to reduce the cost of prefabricated interlocking running track construction. They think that they only need to level the ground and will not affect the laying and effect of the sports floor. In fact, it is not the case that the worker can manually level the ground to achieve a flatness of 2mm. However, due to the manual leveling, the hand will lightly leave a slight unevenness on the ground. Although the ground is polished, it is tested to meet the laying requirements. However, after the sports floor is laid, there are still uneven bumps, especially the feeling that the light is not flat is even more powerful. This is mainly because the reflective effect of the sports floor amplifies the unevenness of the ground. So be sure to do self-leveling.

For sports floor coverings that do not self-level, the SC-ZSfloor floor reminder is not a maintenance commitment. For the self-leveling process, it is also the focus of the work of the small floor service personnel. The basic requirements are as follows:

Perform interface processing before leveling.

2. Self-leveling treatment is strictly carried out according to the ratio of self-leveling cement. Never save materials.

3, self-leveling must wait for whitening, only after drying. After the dust is removed, the adhesive is applied to the procurement futsal court.

The role of self-leveling cement is not simply the foundation leveling. In addition to the foundation leveling, it can also produce a foundation that is smooth and absorbent; it can be used for leveling and denaturation of non-absorbent foundations such as ceramic tiles and stone floors before construction; 10mm, excellent fluidity, superior strength and environmental performance. Therefore, there must be strict construction process requirements for self-leveling construction. Never underestimate or sloppy construction. The requirements for self-leveling construction are not negligible. Self-leveling is not a panacea. It is impossible to lay a sports floor without self-leveling construction.

The self-leveling construction process must be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions on the packaging bag. Although the self-leveling and different types of self-leveling construction of different brands are similar, the speed of the vessels used, the mixer, the mixing method, the amount of water added, and the used Interfacial agent requirements are different, you must not be the same, take it for granted. The construction unit shall also establish strict construction process standards and specifications for the self-leveling construction and strictly supervise and inspect. The formulation shall cover the various steps, each link and each detail of the self-leveling construction, and formulate different construction plans according to different foundations. And processing steps and methods.

When it comes to the quality of construction, self-leveling construction accounts for 70% of the construction of sports flooring. If the self-leveling construction is done well, the purchase prefabricated interlocking running track construction will naturally be good.

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