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Have you anytime had your vehicle just “fail miserably” on you, you endeavor to start it and it basically won’t start. You end up calling a tow truck and paying those tremendous tow charges, by then to intensify the circumstance the expert at the shop uncovers to you that it will cost a few dollars to make it run again,is that real? Potentially maybe not.


I have and fill in as a diagnostics Tech here at Ace Automotive in Lakewood Wa and I can tell you truly if a couple of individuals found just to some degree increasingly about their vehicles exercises they could save a whole lotta money. State for instance you are driving around night time wipers and hotter ,lights and radio on you see that the headlights keep getting dimmer and dimmer soon the vehicle “kicks the pail” and now won’t start the most likely reason is the alternator has failed, not the battery in such a case, to the point that the battery failed the alternator would at present hold ability to the vehicle until the point that you turned it off then it would not restart.

You are driving for quite a while and the vehicle simply “stop” all the instrument lights please anyway when you attempt to start it just turns over yet won’t start. First it depends what kind of vehicle this happened to if it was an import like say Honda, Acura, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Mitsubishi, the engine arranging belt may have broken (if it’s been more that 60,000 miles since you changed it last time) you should more likely than not exhort if when you endeavor to start the engine it sounds unmistakable like its just “freewheeling” snappier than run of the mill, this is horrendous reason most of the import automobiles referenced will do expensive mischief to the engine when the arranging belt breaks.


If your vehicle is a family unit one chevy portage, etc, be industrious hold up a pinch maybe 30-45 min and try to start it in case it starts yippee! Regardless, it will “fail miserably” again once it’s adequately hot afresh, make sure to tell your close-by tech this beneficial information and demand all parts they displace to fix your vehicle to reveal to them you know something about the vehicle too.

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