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PVC floor defects

Reasons for the unevenness of detachable wood look indoor sport flooring paving and prevention points

First, the reason why the sports floor pavement is uneven:
1. The surface of the base layer has poor flatness and unevenness.
2. When the operator applies the adhesive, the gesture is light and heavy, so that the scratched adhesive has an obvious wave shape.
When the elastic double tier sport flooring tennis court is pasted, the thinner in the adhesive has evaporated, the fluidity of the colloid is poor, and it is not easy to be smoothed when pasted so that the surface layer is wavy.
Second, to prevent this quality problem, we must:
1. Strictly control the surface flatness of the adhesive base layer, and flatten the surface with the concave and convexity greater than ? mm.

2. Use a toothed scraper to apply the adhesive to make the thickness of the adhesive layer thin and uniform. When scraping, the direction of the coating on the adhesive surface of the base layer and the plastic plate should be intersected vertically and horizontally, so that when the surface layer is laid, the adhesive layer on the adhesive surface is uniform.

3. The construction temperature should be controlled at 15 to 30 degrees, and the relative humidity should be no higher than 70%.
With the largest sales of PVC coil flooring in the domestic market, there are more than 30 foreign brands of PVC flooring in the Chinese market, and many foreign brands directly produce coil flooring and sheet flooring. Pulling down China to open factory production is due to the fact that they have seen China’s huge consumer market. China imports a large number of PVC coil flooring every year, especially the Korean brand flooring, which dominates most of China’s markets. Among them, South Korea’s LG share accounts for more than 50% of China’s PVC floor imports (according to the area of imports), and LG floor agents are located in various provinces and cities across the country (except Tibet and Taiwan). It can be seen that China’s PVC flooring market is infinitely beautiful.

Imported PVC coil flooring has been a foreigner’s world for many years. Since the second half of 2008, there have been many manufacturers of domestic commercial flooring in the domestic market, which can produce PVC coil flooring in batches. Most of their products are based on the elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court patterns and patterns in the Chinese market. In order to occupy the vast Chinese market as soon as possible, they have taken great efforts to develop PVC flooring sellers, OEM sales, buyouts and other means to seize the market and expand the influence. A large number of PVC flooring brands appeared throughout the country. The brands of foreign names are numerous and varied, and each of them claims to be a manufacturer. The products come from foreign countries, and most of them are variants of “hanging sheep and selling dog meat”.

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