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Progress in nonlinear optical crystal research

Nonlinear optical crystal materials are important photoelectric information functional materials, and have a wide range of important applications in laser frequency conversion, information communication, optical signal processing and many other fields. With the development of technology, technological innovation and development have put forward more, higher and more comprehensive requirements for high quality Chinese BIBO nonlinear crystal materials. Among them, as the key components of all-solid-state laser output ultraviolet and deep ultraviolet laser, the development and application of UV and deep ultraviolet nonlinear optical crystals need to be developed and broken.

The research team of the Special Environmental Functional Materials and Devices Laboratory of the Xinjiang Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Pan Shilie, has been working on the design and synthesis of novel UV and deep UV nonlinear optical crystals in recent years. The team selected the classical high quality LiSAF, LiSGaF and LiCAF laser crystals as a template, and successfully replaced and designed the Sr and Be atoms in the Sr2Be2B2O7 structure by using the common co-allocation design Ba and Mg atoms with similar electronic structures. Two Ba3Mg3(BO3)3F3 homogeneous polycrystalline compounds with a non-centrosymmetric structure. The team collaborated with Sun Junliang, a researcher at Peking University, to successfully obtain single crystal structures of orthogonal and hexagonal two-phase crystals. The existence of the polymorphism of Ba3Mg3(BO3)3F3 and its reversible phase transition behavior were verified by differential thermal analysis, temperature-dependent X-ray diffraction and thermal expansion rate test. Through large amount of flux exploration experiments, large-sized single crystals of orthogonal phase Ba3Mg3(BO3)3F3 were successfully grown, and the overall optical properties were characterized based on high-quality single crystals. The results show that the orthogonal phase Ba3Mg3(BO3)3F3 has Wide transmission band (184–3780 nm), high laser damage threshold (6.2 GW/cm 2 ), moderate birefringence (0.045@532 nm), large second-order multiplication factor (d33 = 0.51 pm/V) Good thermal stability. At the same time, the crystal can achieve phase matching, and the crystal is easy to grow, and it is expected to be used as an ultraviolet high-quality YVO4 laser crystal material for ultraviolet laser output.

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