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International position of nonlinear optical crystals

Regardless of the academic research or industrialization of China LiF optics, China has the primary influence in the world, especially in the field of visible and ultraviolet nonlinear crystals, which has always been at the leading level and has attracted international attention. China’s most important development in the category of nonlinear crystals is (1) the invention of magnesium-doped LiNbO3 crystals. The doping threshold of LiNbO3 is increased by more than two orders of magnitude, which greatly opens up the use of lithium niobate crystals; 2) In the borate series, a series of excellent UV nonlinear optical crystals such as -BBO, LBO, CBO, KBBF, etc. were discovered and developed, which created a new era of ultraviolet laser frequency doubling, which made humans continue to the limit of solid ultraviolet laser. (3) The first time in the world to use the solvent method to grow a practical KTP large single crystal, and complete industrialization, so that KTP crystals are used throughout the world, promoting the development of laser skills. (4) The research and experimental verification of the nonlinear optical crystal data of periodic and quasi-periodic polarization artificial microstructures are dominated, which opens up a new category of high precision large size Beamsplitters&Polarizers.
Nonlinear optical crystal data is an appropriately determined industry closely related to industries such as laser, optoelectronics, and optical communication. It is greatly affected by the development and changes of these industries. Following the rapid development of the international wave of informationization and the wide selection of optoelectronics skills at the end of the last century, the number of optoelectronic power crystals, especially the right and wrong linear optical crystals, needs to increase dramatically.

In recent years, the sales of non-linear optical crystals all over the world exceeded $400 million annually. The demand for traditional nonlinear crystals is still increasing year by year. In the next few years, the increase rate of shopping malls is at 1530%.

Nonlinear optical components have accelerated the trend in the three categories of modulation switches and long-distance communication, information processing and entertainment.

In addition to optical communication, the primary shopping malls used in industrial lasers and electro-optic right and wrong linear high quality Chinese infrared Germanium lenses have maintained an annual increase of 1520% in the market. In the meantime, BBO and KTP crystals are the fastest growing crystal types in this category in recent years. The prospect of the mall is promising.

The company’s protective lenses, crystal rods, comfort, and firmness do not affect the use of other optical instruments, and have the function of preventing lateral laser damage. Mainly used in laser welding, laser marking, laser medical and other laser equipment production and working environment.

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