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Installation method and maintenance of suspended assembling sports floor

Suspension assembling sports flooring is increasingly used in basketball courts, but many people do not understand the installation and maintenance methods. In fact, the installation and maintenance methods of basketball suspension assembly floor are very simple, which is one of its advantages. The following elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court ground materials give you an analysis of the methods and maintenance precautions for the basketball court paving suspension floor:
Basketball court suspension assembly floor installation:

1. The center point paving method: when the basketball court is paved, take the line of the basketball center at both ends to take the straight line, take the whole basketball court half-field to take the straight line, and the two-line intersection point is the starting point (also the center point of the stadium) around this point. Paving, then expand the assembled floor to the surrounding area, pay attention to the alignment of the horizontal and vertical lines, so as not to be skewed after the pavement is completed. The paving method has the advantage of being symmetrical around and not prone to tilting in a certain direction. The disadvantage is that the paving sometimes needs to be installed in reverse, and the construction is troublesome.

2, the top left corner paving method: basketball court to install the floor with a tape of more than 30 meters to measure the entire site size to draw four corner points, starting from the upper left corner, followed by the direction of the lower right corner (90 ° sector) stitching floor. Pay attention to the adjustment of different color floors according to the requirements of the construction drawings, and check the angle of the indoor tennis court interlocking mat at any time to avoid excessive or too small angles affecting the splicing of the floor. The paving method has the advantages of convenient splicing and installation, and does not require reverse splicing. The disadvantage is that due to the size of the floor and the problem of the gap, the entire site is likely to be offset and the data is deviated, which requires the construction personnel to pay attention to the adjustment.

1. Site preparation before construction: It can be used on the foundation of a solid foundation. The error within the range of three meters is not more than 5 mm. Clean the floor before installation

2, suspended floor paving method:

(1), taking the upper left corner of the site as the starting point for installation, and the floor A corner as the apex of the upper left corner of the site.

(2) Align the floor pin and the buckle from left to right in turn, and tap the fixed buckle with a rubber hammer.

(3), floor side installation method, install the side of the floor (pay attention to the direction of the floor and the floor side, the part of the pin on the floor is connected with the floor side of the ears, the part with the hole and the floor side of the single ear Connect), connect the buckle on the floor side to the pin on the floor with a rubber hammer (as shown above).

(4), installation precautions: the floor pin and buckle must be aligned during installation to avoid damage to the floor.

The above two paving methods can be selected, but the basketball court has a large amount of movement. In order to prevent the floor displacement, it is recommended to use three rows of horizontal and three rows of vertical nails to fix the floor. The floor pins and buckles must be aligned during installation to avoid damaging the floor. Ok, share the installation method, here is how to maintain and maintain after paving construction:
Basketball court suspension floor maintenance:

1. Use a cloth mop, dust off or rinse with water.

2. Wipe off the water and stains on the interlock commercial basketball court surface and oil stains.

3. Wipe the shoe print with a soft cloth or mop and a suitable floor cleaner.

4. Always check the expansion or contraction of the floor, check the expansion joints and clean up the debris accumulated in the seam.

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