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In the process of home floor decoration, PVC sports flooring manufacturers recommend local conditions

SC-ZSfloorPVC sports flooring manufacturers introduced that elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court is flexible. When consumers choose the floor, whether they have elasticity or elasticity can not be the factor of choice, or should focus on The material, pattern, color and environmental performance of the floor. In addition, different places have different requirements on floor performance. Therefore, it is best to choose the floor when selecting the floor. Different places choose different floors, especially family rooms. It is best to choose solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring or Laminate flooring, cork flooring, etc.

First, professional sports flooring is expensive and flexible, but not suitable for families.

Compared to the wooden floor of the home, the professional sports floor performance is even better. It is understood that the professional sports floor structure must have vibration absorption function, so that people can not be hurt when exercising, especially when jumping, and the function of vibration deformation and extension deformation does not affect the neighbor when moving on the wooden floor. personnel. At the same time, the slipping characteristics of the wooden floor make the floor not too sloppy or too slippery, ensuring the stability of the exerciser’s movement.

Such a floor is more comfortable in terms of foot feel, elasticity, etc., but it is not suitable for the family, because the family’s performance requirements for the floor are not harsh compared to the sports venue, and the professional sports floor is also displayed in the home. Out of its characteristics. At the same time, although the indoor tennis court interlocking mat varies greatly according to the grades of different grades, the price of about 1,000 yuan / square meter – 350 yuan / square meter is obviously much higher than the price of household wood flooring, nor is it acceptable to ordinary families. Therefore, the use of professional sports flooring in the home is of little significance.

Second, the floor accessories and paving technology, affecting the flexibility of the floor when used.

For PVC sports flooring, it is hoped to increase the demand for floor feel and elasticity. SC-ZSfloorPVC sports flooring manufacturers said that this is not only achieved by the performance of the floor alone, but also the accessories selected during the floor covering and the paving method of the floor. Both affect the performance of the floor. Consumers should choose different materials for flooring and different accessories and paving methods according to their different needs.

For example, if you want a comfortable foot feel and elasticity, and you want the floor to have excellent anti-slip performance, you can choose a cork PVC sports floor, or you can use a solid wood floor and a keel. If the economic capacity is limited, SC-ZSfloor interlock commercial basketball court surface manufacturers say that consumers can also choose solid wood composite flooring or laminate flooring. At this time, the floor should be selected to add paving materials and other accessories, which can effectively help the floor moisture-proof, and also increase. Feeling of the floor. If the consumer wants to disassemble and repair the floor easily, then the floating paving method can be used. This method does not require keel or glue bonding. SC-ZSfloor sports flooring manufacturers put the PVC sports floor directly on the flat ground. On the top, it is very convenient for the second paving of the floor, but the feeling of the foot is slightly worse than the paving way of playing the keel.

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