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How to carry out pre-treatment of suspended assembly floor?

The ground grinding machine with more than 1000 watts is equipped with a suitable grinding disc to completely polish the floor to remove paint, glue and other residues, raised and loose plots, and empty plots must also be removed.

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For the cracks on the customized synthesis indoor tennis court tiles of the suspended assembled floor, the stainless steel ribs and the surface of the polyurethane waterproof adhesive are used to repair the cracks. Vacuum the floor with an industrial vacuum cleaner of not less than 2000 watts.
What is the characteristics of hollow plastic flooring and used as floor materials

Recently, many people have consulted SC-ZSfloor online, and what kind of floor material is the hollow plastic floor that is often seen outside. In fact, this is the detachable futsal sport floor tiles. Suspended flooring has developed rapidly in China in recent years. Many outdoor kindergartens and indoor and outdoor sports venues are being laid. Many friends have seen such ground materials or have seen the venues where kindergartens are laid but do not know the name of the products. A plastic floor designed for hollowing out. Insiders call the suspended floor. The following SC-ZSfloor sports ground material and the analysis of the hollow plastic floor are also commonly known as the characteristics of the suspended floor:

The suspended assembled floor adopts the surface hollow design, the bottom suspension support structure, and the locking connection is assembled. The raw material for the production is modified PP polypropylene plastic raw material. The product has the characteristics of green environmental protection and non-toxicity, and the color is rich and diverse, and the design pattern style can be customized. It takes a long time to use. The surface is hollowed out so that the floor does not accumulate water after the rain and does not accumulate dust. Easy to clean and maintain clean. With good mobility, it can be assembled and disassembled multiple times.

The hollow detachable indoor sport surface has a wide range of uses and unique drainage design; it is very convenient to assemble and disassemble. Indoor/outdoor use, mostly for indoor and outdoor sports, basketball, volleyball, tennis, five-a-side football, badminton, table tennis, gymnasium, kindergarten, park, school and other multi-purpose training venues, but also good anti-slip, Withstand pressure and shock absorption.

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