Posted April 3, 2019 at 4:50 am by otsedtalex

How To Build Auto Parts Such As Automobile Press Parts

Did you know that a regular car contains over 30,000 different components and parts, all made of different shapes and materials – produced with different manufacturing methods? What parts out of those 30,000 could be produced with 3D printing? We have already informed you on how 3D Printing affects the future of the automotive industry but in this blog post, we will give you all the answers on how you can use 3D printing right now. First, we will explain a bit more about cars and why they are made in a way we Are currently familiar with. Then, we will explain to you what the benefits of 3D printing car parts and car frames are and what Automobile Press Parts can be 3D printed. You will then find some examples of 3D printed car parts produced by large automotive companies. But not least, we will explain to you how XingHui can be of service for the automotive industry and for your car part projects.

A typical car layout
The production of a typical car is influenced by the following factors: durability, cost, and repairability – and it needs to atone to safety regulations. When looking at a day to day modern car, we can see that it is overall made out of the The unibody: or ”the underlying frame/spine” is nearly always produced from a mix of steel and a special high-strength steel.
Body panels: These panels are made of steel and have a plastic front/bumper.
The hood: The hood of some cars may have an aluminum hood and rear deck lid making it weigh less.
The Interior: a car’s dashboard, gauges, dials, switches, air conditioners, door handles, floor mats, seat belts, airbags and similar are nearly always made from different types of plastics.

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