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Grinding wheel polishing

Excellent performance polishing material grinding wheel, mainly used in the cutting of stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, ordinary steel, refractory materials. Excellent materials and exquisite craftsmanship ensure high cutting efficiency and the best economic results for different materials.

How to choose the polishing material 6 inch es cutting disc in stainless steel polishing? Hantong Grinding tells you that you can compare and choose from the following aspects.
In the first aspect, the size range of the abrasive particles is divided into two categories. 12#-280# is called: sand. W40-W0.5 (or finer) is called micropower.
In the second aspect, the size range of the abrasive grains: XX# is the size of the sieve, which is the mesh size of the first sieve through which the abrasive particles can pass to indicate the particle size of the abrasive particles. WXX is the measurement size, that is, the abrasive grain is small and there is no corresponding screen to measure it, and it is represented by its actual average size.
In the third aspect, the particle size of the abrasive grains is also represented by XXX#–XXXX# when the particle size of the abrasive grains is above 280#. W40-W10 is close to 320#-800#W7-W2.5 close to 1000-3000. Generally, the ordinary grinding wheel can reach W14 (around 600#).

In the fourth aspect, the hardness of the grinding wheel should be selected according to different grinding requirements. The rough grinding should be as good as the ZR level, and the fine grinding should choose the hard Z or ZY level.
In the fifth aspect, we need to select the grinding wheel with different polishing materials for different materials. We can choose white corundum for the knife. It is better if you want high grinding efficiency and green silicon carbide.

A grinding wheel is a fixed abrasive that uses a binder to consolidate a common abrasive into a certain shape. Widely used in polishing, furniture, bathroom, hardware, work, cutting tools, stainless steel metal, cutting and other industries. Here is a small series for everyone to introduce the type of grinding wheel:
Electroplating magnetic tile grinding wheel, optical grinding wheel, grinding thread grinding wheel, glass grinding wheel, telling grinding wheel, Huitong grinding saw blade grinding wheel, angle grinding wheel, green stainless steel grinding wheel, cutting slotted grinding wheel, Yongtai grinding wheel, electroplating diamond grinding wheel, Lijiashi PVA grinding wheel ,Chromium corundum single bevel wheel, glass bead wheel, woodworking wheel, ceramic wheel, grinding wheel, marble wheel, artificial stone diamond wheel, double-sided concave grinding wheel, centerless grinding wheel, brown corundum single bevel wheel, diamond CBN grinding wheel , black bakelite diamond CBN grinding wheel, glass steel grinding wheel, circular arc grinding wheel, CBN grinding wheel.

Because the materials of the customized metal cutting disc are various, the types of grinding wheels are also diverse, and the industries used are also different.

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