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Grinding machine cutting disk steps


As an important processing method for precision factories, surface grinders must have strict process specifications. Rigorous and standard work can ensure the stable precision and quality of the machined parts. The surface grinder operating procedure specification in this paper is available as a standard reference for the factory.

1. First of all, you must be familiar with the operation of the surface grinder to understand the performance of the surface grinder.

2. Before starting the machine, you must wear protective glasses and wear overalls. Fasten your clothes and sleeves. You must put the long hair into the working cap. Do not wear a scarf or gloves to operate the grinding machine.


3. Before the operation, the tools, measuring tools and workpieces should be placed neatly to remove any debris that hinders the operation and operation of the equipment. Before the operation, check whether the safety shield of the transmission part is complete and fixed. It is found that the surface grinding machine should be handled in time.

4. Check whether the transmission part of the surface grinder and the operating handle are normal and sensitive before starting the machine. See if the lubrication system of each part is unblocked and whether the electronic ruler displays data.

5. Before starting the machine, adjust the limit block of the left and right impact blocks according to the grinding length of the workpiece and lock it.

6. The installation of the cutting disc must be statically balanced. After the correction, the balance should be balanced again. The diamond of the flat cutting disc on sale dresser must be sharp. The height of the cusp should be the same as the horizontal plane of the center line of the cutting disc. It is forbidden to trim the cutting disc with a blunt diamond. The vacuum cleaner must be activated.

7. Start the grinding machine spindle to idle for 1 to 2 minutes. Observe the operation. Pay attention to the height of the cutting disc about 5 cm from the table. Confirm that the lubrication and cooling system is unblocked, and the grinding operation is performed after all the parts are running normally.

8. Check the workpiece, load and unload the cutting disc, and handle the machine fault. Stop the cutting disc after it has been removed from the workpiece.


9. It is forbidden to place non-processed objects on working faces, workpieces, and electric disks. It is forbidden to tap and calibrate workpieces on working faces and permanent magnet chucks.

10. When the moving disk switch is attached to the workpiece, it must be checked for firmness and then ground. When sucking higher or smaller workpieces, it should be fixed with a suitable height to prevent the workpiece from loosening and causing accidents.

11. When the cutting disc is close to the workpiece, the workpiece should be moved in the prohibited state. When the cutting disc does not leave the workpiece, the running is not allowed. The grinding feed should be gradually increased, not suddenly increased. Knife cutting to prevent the cutting disc from colliding with the workpiece.

12. During operation, you must concentrate on things that are not related to processing. Do not leave the grinding machine or grind the workpiece. Do not use air pressure to blow the table surface to prevent dust from entering the surface grinder track and affect the feel and accuracy. Do not allow others to operate the grinding machine or Keep the idle people walking around the machine. Especially on the side of the grinding machine.

13. After the operation is completed, the vacuum cleaner or the water tank should be closed first. After the cutting disc is idling for more than 2 minutes, the power of all the surface grinders is cut off, the handles are placed in the non-working position and the power is turned off. Before leaving work, the tools and workpieces should be cleaned and placed neatly to make the grinding table top and surrounding cleaning work. After working for one week in a row, the iron dust in the dust box or water tank should be removed. Do the above for your operation of the surface grinder technology will basically be.

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