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Diamond cutting blades and their future development trends

According to the application, diamond China cutting disc for metal can be divided into four categories: sawing tools, drilling tools, grinding tools and other tools. As of 2005, the global diamond cutting chip market has a total capacity of nearly 10 billion US dollars, of which diamond drilling tools are the most widely used, accounting for about 70% of the market capacity. It is worth noting that in some developed countries, it has been clearly stated in the construction of the project that diamond cutting sheets must be used for cutting in highways, airport runways and public squares.
The focus of the diamond cutting chip manufacturing industry is undergoing irreversible transfer from the Western and European countries with high manufacturing costs to Asian countries with relatively low raw materials and labor costs. Especially in China, the future development trend of China’s diamond cutting chip manufacturers is to add value. The market for professional tools has entered the market. The transition from a DIY market with only 20% of the total market to a professional market accounting for 80% of the total market is an inevitable choice for Chinese diamond cutting chip manufacturers to gain development opportunities.
Generally speaking, China’s diamond low price disc for metal, first, the product quality is not high, second, the innovation ability is weak, high-end products are few original. Therefore, strengthening the production process technology, the development of new product design and application, and forming a high-end customer group with original patented technology to obtain innovative products in the international market is of great significance to the development of the industry. In view of the wide variety of diamond cutting sheets, it is impossible to cover them one by one. This article only selects some of them to make a brief description to show the development opportunities of diamond cutting sheets.

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