Posted February 27, 2019 at 6:58 am by by56014904

Development of Chinese laser crystals

Years of efforts to break the wholesale infrared and broadband BaF2 optics blockade, but China’s new generation of crystals has been successful
Earlier in February 2016, the US APC (Advanced Optical Crystals) company website announced that it has cooperated with Clemson University to develop potassium fluoroborate crystal (KBBF), which can be used in this custom infrared spherical/aspherical/cylindrical Germanium lenses. For the manufacture of deep ultraviolet lasers. The statement said that in 2009 China began to ban the supply of such strategic crystals abroad. The company claims that the crystals they make can compete with crystals made in China and outperform similar materials in China in some key technology areas. The statement said that the crystal will enhance the ability of the United States to detect national defense threats, and will also provide new capabilities for scientific research and measurement technology. This material is considered to be a “game changer.”
However, China has not waited for the US to catch up in this field. According to the website of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in August 2015, the Fujian Institute of Fujian found a new type of flawless deep ultraviolet nonlinear optical crystal material LSBO. The report said that the newly discovered LSBO crystal is expected to be an excellent candidate for the next generation of deep ultraviolet custom infrared spherical/aspherical/cylindrical Silicon lenses.

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