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Detailed description of the construction process of suspended assembled floor

First, the requirements and treatment of the construction site:

The ground requirements are flat concrete floor or asphalt floor, etc.

3m ruler measurement error can exceed ±

The site should be cleaned before 3mm paving.

Second, the interlocking intelligent creation of sports flooring installation steps:

1. Install from any corner of the site

2. Align the floor ‘pin’ and ‘deduction’ from top to bottom in the determined starting position, then use the rubber

The rubber hammer is fixed and the pin and buckle are fully connected.

3, the installation method of the edge of the site: install the side of the floor (pay attention to the direction of the floor and the side of the floor, the side of the floor generally with ears, single ear, garden

Connected to the ear) firmly connect the pins and buckles of the floor with a rubber hammer

4. Assemble the floor of the entire site in order.

Note: The floor buckle and pin should be aligned around when installing, so as to avoid damage to the floor pins and buckles during installation, causing unnecessary losses.

Second, the anti-7 word fixed installation method;

1. Take the upper left corner of the site as the base point, take the upper left corner of the kindergarten interlocking outdoor soft elastic flooring as the apex, fix it, and then assemble the floor in the opposite direction of the 7-word. Each anti 7 character consists of 5 floors, three in the horizontal direction and three in the vertical direction.

2. Secure each floor with a rubber hammer from top to bottom and from left to right.

3. The installation method and precautions for assembling the floor are the same as the previous one.

4. The abbreviated size of the basketball court and badminton court after the completion: 25cm × 25cm × 1.3 cm Weight: 226g / piece Material: high-strength polypropylene Support feet: 676 / block

Grid structure

5 basic use

Indoor/outdoor use for basketball, volleyball, tennis, five-a-side football, badminton, table tennis and other multi-purpose training venues.

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