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Comparison of sports flooring and other materials flooring

I. Comparison of sports flooring and carpet

1. More durable, the service life is more than 5 times that of the carpet. The indoor tennis court interlocking mat of the factory has a service life of more than 15 years.

2. Cleaning and maintenance is easier and maintenance costs are lower.

3. The ground resistance is small, which is convenient for running with a wheeled cart.

4. Better flame retardancy, no toxic gases are produced when burning.

5. Pattern combination, rich color matching, larger design space, patterns and patterns under the transparent wear layer, will not be damaged.

6. The application range is widely applicable to public places, entertainment places and home places.

2. Comparison of removable interlock synthesis elastic double tier sport flooring and stone

7. The construction is simpler, the construction period is shorter, and the processing cost is lower than the stone.

8. Better interchangeability, color difference, pattern, and stability in muscle than stone.

9. The color is more selective, rich in color and more decorative.

10. Good elasticity, comfortable feet, can give a warm feeling.

11. Light weight: The weight is 1/20-1/30 of the same area stone weight, especially suitable for high-rise or old house reconstruction.

12. Low noise: the noise is lower than the stone.

13. Anti-slip, anti-condensation: safer to walk.

14. Variety and series: such as commercial flooring, household flooring, sports flooring, anti-static flooring, etc.

Comparison of commercial prefabricated interlocking running trackand wood flooring

15. Fire resistance is better, the flame does not spread, and the cigarette head is burnt.

16. Surface hardness and scratch resistance are higher than wood.

17. Not easy to deform, good dimensional stability.

18. Decorative effect, pattern design, pattern selection is better than wooden floor.

19. Better processing performance: heat-weld treatment, making seams completely waterproof, dustproof, anti-seepage, anti-bacterial, anti-mild, anti-mite effect

20. The noise is small, which can be reduced by 6-14 decibels, which is more conducive to controlling the noise generated during walking.

21. A wider range of applications: not only suitable for homes, but also for places with a lot of traffic in public places.

22. Environmental protection: This material is derived from natural raw materials, which can save a lot of valuable natural wood and meet the requirements of green environmental protection.

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