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Basketball court suspension assembling plastic floor installation construction process

1. Construction basis:
Simply level the base cement without obvious pits and drums; no waterproof treatment is required. If it is a very obvious pit or drum, it must be disposed of before construction. Easy to install and disassemble, no glue is needed. It can be directly placed on a flat cement or asphalt floor, and the detachable elastic knight sport flooring is assembled with a snap-on connection and fastened with a rubber hammer.

2. Graphic line:
The site is lined with a special paint for the polypropylene top layer and does not fall off. The protruding part of the circular area can be painted with the same color as the main body with a special paint of the same color.

Third, the edge of the edge:
Edge strips can be provided according to the site area and construction plan. It can solve a gap between the floor and the ground, and play a role of transition and beauty.
Four. Installation time:

Usually four people can complete a standard basketball court pavement in less than eight hours, which is quick to install and easy to maintain. During the installation, the floor joints are connected by male buckles. In order to make the adjacent two floor blocks tightly fit after installation, the rubber seams can be used to knock the floor joints without any glue and any nails. The suspended assembled floor is usually not four people. The pavement can be paved or lifted in three hours. Usually, the outdoor maintenance area can be washed only with water, and the mop is cleaned indoors, and the maintenance cost is low.

5. Sports performance:
The performance is very close to the floor for sports events. Excellent sports performance: the rebound rate of the ball is as high as 95%.

6. Anti-skid design:
The double-layered rice character is anti-slip stripe, non-slip and can transmit strong movement power as desired, preventing sports injuries such as sprains and bruises. The latest wear-resistant design makes the soles tightly close to the ground, non-slip and can transmit strong sports power as desired.

Seven. Color selection:
The surface of the suspended assembled floor is matt-treated, which is consistent with the brightness of the light. It does not absorb light and reflects glare, which can better protect the eyes and not cause fatigue.

Eight. About basketball stand:
The basketball stand area is reserved, and the basketball stand is placed on the ground, which does not affect the paving and construction of the assembled floor.
Nine. Thermal expansion and contraction:

The thermal expansion and contraction coefficient of the assembled floor is 2‰-3‰. The expansion and contraction value does not cause the outdoor soft elastic flooring for kindergarten interlocking and the ground to vacate in the up and down direction; in the left and right direction, the seams of the two assembled floors are not tight. Close together, but there is a certain gap, which ensures the expansion and contraction of every two assembled floors; plus the expansion and contraction area reserved around the site, enough to ensure the use of the entire site.

X. Foundation issues:
There are hundreds of support points at the bottom of each sports assembly floor. The grip fit is good. On the one hand, it has a good shock absorption and cushioning effect. On the other hand, the movement power is evenly dispersed in all directions. In this way, if there are occasional small pits on the site, no matter where the pit is, it will not affect the balanced load of the assembled floor.

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