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Application of optical components

Quantum well semiconductor high-powercustom infrared spherical/aspherical/cylindrical Silicon lenses have important applications in laser processing of precision mechanical parts, and also become the most ideal and high-efficiency pumping source for solid optical components. Due to its high efficiency, high reliability and miniaturization This has led to the continuous updating of solid optical components.


Let’s take a look at some common optical components:
In the printing and medical fields, high-power VUV grade LiF optics components are also used. In addition, such as long-wavelength optical components (in 1976, people used Ga[nAsP/InP to realize long-wavelength optical components) for optical communication, short-wavelength optical components were used. Optical disc readout. Since NaKamuxa realized GaInN/GaN blue optical components, visible optical components have been widely used in optical disc systems, such as CD players, DVD systems and high-density optical memory visible-surface emitting optical components in optical discs, printers, displays. There are important applications in this, especially for red, green and blue-emitting optics. Blue-green optical components for underwater communication, laser printing, high-density information reading and writing, deep water detection and applications For large screen color displays and high definition color TV sets.
In summary, visible light optical components are widely used in color display light sources, optical storage read and write, laser printing, laser printing, high density multispectral/cleartran and standard CVD ZnS optics storage systems, bar code readers, and pump sources for solid optical components. Uses. New optical components for quantum cascade lasers are used in environmental detection and medical inspection. In addition, since optical components can achieve wavelength tuning by changing magnetic fields or adjusting current, and laser output with narrow line width can be obtained, the use is utilized. Optical components can be studied in high-resolution spectroscopy. Tunable optical components are an important tool for the rapid development of laser spectroscopy in the study of material structure. High-power mid-infrared (3.5 lm) LD in infrared countermeasures, infrared illumination, laser radar, atmospheric window, Wide-ranging applications such as free space communication, atmospheric monitoring, and chemical spectroscopy.

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