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Anti-slip effect of plastic floor material floor

Many people know that the suspended floor is environmentally friendly when it is paved with prefabricated interlocking running track materials. It is mainly used in outdoor sports fields or kindergartens, but they are worried about the slippery floor sliding and not slipping. Why is there such a problem? In the traditional ground material, it is not a hollow suspension design, the surface area of ​​the water is oily, it will become slippery when wet or in contact with water, so this will arise. Today’s SC-ZSfloor sports flooring material just saw an online report saying that the suspended floor is not slippery. So on this issue, SC-ZSfloor is used as a manufacturer to analyze how the suspended floor solves the problem of slipping:


First of all, let’s talk about the ground material of the procurement futsal court. The floor itself is very scratch-resistant and slip-resistant. First of all, we will first analyze it from the material. The floating floor material raw material (PP) is filled with average, no small holes. There is no cracking, peeling, foaming, delamination, unevenness of the thickness of the opposite side of the floor, and the ribs are well-proportioned. Because the material of the suspended floor is PP material, it is not pure plastic material, and some additives are added. The surface is textured and hollowed out, so its anti-slip performance itself is much better than other ground materials.


Generally speaking, the suspended floor is not slippery. The suspended assembled floor uses a large touch system to reduce the risk of slipping. It will not slip during rainy days and will become sloppy when exposed to water. The surface texture of the suspended floor is diversified. Whether it is a large rice or a rice type, a rhomboid, a square or other styles, there will be very rough patterns, which can provide a good anti-slip effect.


So for the problem of non-slip, in the cold season, snow can not be covered on the purchase prefabricated interlocking running track for a long time, and should be cleaned up after snowing. Any ground material covered with a layer of snow, a layer of frost, will be very slippery. You can try the following two methods: 1, salt or drag with a mop and salt water to promote rapid melting (currently used in too many cities) 2, covered with grass cover, so that the heat absorbed slowly dissolves. So it is the right way to clean up the snow on the floor in time.


So we can’t use extreme examples to describe these problems, but we can only use common methods to describe some of the problems we have, so on the whole, the suspended floor is still very slippery, from materials, Design to work can achieve this.

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