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Advantages of sports flooring and paving method

Sports flooring is one of the indispensable floor materials for modern living room decoration. It is not only beautiful, practical, but also has the characteristics of sound insulation, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. It can be used on the living room floor or on the kitchen wall. The bathroom floor and wall are used instead of tiles. How to lay the sports floor? The construction procedure and method are as follows: firstly measure the structural size of the room, measure the precision and then cut the moving floor according to the size. Note that the width of the cut should be slightly larger than the desired width to facilitate overlapping and trimming when laying. The finished sports floor should be placed at room temperature of not less than 15 ° C for about 24 hours to allow the curled portion of the sports floor to be fully extended for the final paving. A special adhesive for paving interlock detachable elastic double tier sport flooring applications.

Before the paving, the indoor floor should be treated first, firstly to remove oil or dust. Secondly, it is flat, and the bulge should be shoveled and smoothed. The depression can be adjusted into a paste with a weight ratio of 1:2 by using cement and cement. Use a spatula to level it, then dry it with sandpaper. After the floor is smooth, clean and dry, it can be glued and laid.


Gluing is the last step before paving. The tool should be a toothed scraper. When applying glue, apply glue on the floor according to the size of the sports floor, and apply a piece of paving, in this order. At the seam of the leather, a width of 10 cm should be left without glue, so that the seam is finally treated. When the glue coated on the local surface feels sticky by hand, you can pay attention to the alignment of the edge when you put it on the surface. When you use it, use a long handle to catch the air and compact it. Floor joints are generally spliced by overlapping cutting methods, and the width of the overlap is preferably about five centimeters. Use a long steel ruler to align the center of the overlap, cut it with a cutter along the ruler, and then remove the cut edge strips (note that there should be two side strips, don’t forget to take the one below), brush with a paint brush Appropriate amount of glue at the seam, and then use the pressure roller to close the seam and compact. The excess glue extruded at the seam should be wiped clean to avoid affecting the appearance. Then apply a layer of seam fluid along the seam.

Finally, you should also check for bubbles and whether they are flat. If there are air bubbles, the suction air can be inserted into the syringe and then compacted. Finally, use the washing powder to remove the residual rubber marks on the sports floor. If it can’t be removed, wipe it with alcohol. The entire process is completed.


prefabricated elastic double tier sport flooring can be used for geothermal is a big advantage

Compared with solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, etc., sports flooring has obvious advantages in terms of elasticity, shock resistance, friction resistance and environmental protection. Among them, kindergarten sports flooring is an important branch of sports flooring products. In addition to the above advantages, is there any other advantage in sports flooring? Sports floor people introduced that the superiority of sports flooring has many elements. Among them, sports flooring can be used for geothermal, which is an important performance of the superiority of sports flooring.

According to the professional introduction, due to the characteristics of geothermal itself, there are few floors that can be used for geothermal. This is because the floor that can be used for geothermal heat must meet the following four conditions, that is, the floor size is stable, can withstand temperature changes without damage; the floor is not deformed, cracked, the coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction is small; the floor is highly environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-free and The harmful gas is released; the floor is not afraid of water soaking, so as to prevent the ground heat pipe from damaging the water and damaging the floor. Only floors that can satisfy these four conditions can be used as geothermal floors. In general, solid wood flooring and laminate flooring are not suitable for geothermal. Because solid wood flooring and laminate flooring are not only easy to deform, crack, but also some of the floor is heated, there is formaldehyde release, mildew, insects, corrosion, discoloration and other problems after the floor is wet.


In view of the above situation, it is recommended that consumers should use detachable indoor sport surface if they are prepared to lay geothermal heat and try to avoid the use of floors that are not suitable for geothermal, such as solid wood flooring. It is understood that sports flooring is widely used in geothermal flooring in Korea. Moreover, the sports floor has great value in wear resistance, stain resistance, antibacterial, non-mildew and dimensional stability. In addition, the price of sports flooring is more economical than solid wood flooring. At present, sports flooring has become the first choice of many families.

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