Posted December 3, 2018 at 7:45 am by mklyk

Abrasives: Industrial teeth

The advent of artificial abrasives drastically promoted the development of the entire industry at that time. Compared with many uncontrollable factors of natural abrasives, artificial abrasives are more stable and more suitable for large-scale industrial production. It was also during this period that the application of grinding and grinding machines was quickly promoted. Abrasives play an important role in important historical stages and are therefore referred to as “industrial teeth.”

China cut off disc were born to compensate for the limitations of the tool in grinding. Compared to the tool, the new cutting edge of the abrasive in the actual working conditions helps to obtain a more uniform grinding surface.
In a long historical period, due to the limitations of artificial abrasive technology, it is impossible to synthesize finer abrasives. However, in the past few years we have seen a big step forward in this industry. From a technical perspective, the continuous innovation of artificial abrasives, more advanced manufacturing processes and larger R&D investment have made it possible.

The existing industrial level has reached a certain height, so the purity of the raw materials and the processing technology no longer require such complicated pre-treatment as in the past. The level of existing machining has reached extremely high machining accuracy, so the grinding of the details is reduced and the dependence on the abrasives is correspondingly reduced. The sharp improvement of the precision and modeling level of the grinding tool, in addition to the improvement of the precision of the mold, reduces the burr treatment caused by the mold itself, and the application of the numerical control machine tool and the new technology also greatly improves the surface quality of the industrial parts.

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