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About grinding wheel characteristics and finishing solutions

In the daily cutting process, the loss value of the 12 inches cut off wheel is an important problem for the enterprise to overcome. How to maximize the use of the grinding wheel in the operation process is the basic operation method:
1) The finer the grain size of the grinding wheel, the smaller the roughness value

2) Abrasives should be selected that have affinity with the workpiece material

3) The hardness of the abrasive tool, when the workpiece material is soft and sticky, a harder abrasive tool should be used; when it is hard or brittle, a softer abrasive tool should be selected.

4) Using a grinding wheel with a larger diameter of the grinding wheel, increasing the width of the grinding wheel can reduce the surface roughness

5) Using a diamond pen with good wear resistance, suitable cutting edge shape and installation angle, when the dressing amount is appropriate (the longitudinal feed amount should be smaller), the abrasive cutting edge can obtain good contour and reduce the surface. Roughness.
Analysis of the characteristics of grinding wheel abrasive

The grinding work of the abrasive is carried out under the conditions of high speed rotation, high temperature, high pressure and grinding fluid. Therefore, the abrasive needs to have: high hardness, suitable toughness, self-sharpness and chemical stability.

Abrasive hardness: refers to the degree of resistance of the abrasive when it is pierced.

Toughness: The ability of an abrasive to withstand pressure without breaking or cracking.

Grinding wheel abrasive properties:
It must have a very hard mineral crystal structure to be able to crack without excessive pressure during grinding.

When subjected to an external force during processing, it can have good toughness, is not easily deformed, and is not easily worn.

It must have heat resistance, local high temperature generated during the grinding process, it is not easy to melt the particles, and there may be burned parts.

At the same time, the grinding wheel abrasives also need to have chemical stability, because the standard cut off wheel for metal grinds a wide variety of workpieces, steel, ceramics, gemstones, cloth, causing chemical instability, which is quite destructive to the workpiece.

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